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• Recruitment and Selection
• Determining Recruitment Needs
• The Job Description Format
• Application for Employment
• Reviewing Applications
• Conducting the Interview
• Checking References
• Candidate Interview Form
• Telephone Reference Check Form
• Employment Contract
• Letter of Offer Format
• Terms of Employment Format
New Employee Payroll Form

• The Ending of Employment
• Termination of Employment
• Warning and Dismissal Procedures
• Notice Period for Termination
• Written Warning Format
• Record of Disciplinary Interview Form
• Request to Attend Performance
• Appraisal Form
• Termination Letter Format
• Exit of the Employee
• Termination of Employment Form
• Redundancy
• Suggested Items that could be included in
an Objective Criteria Guidelines Form
• Employment Policy Handbook

New workplace legislation regarding unfair dismissal laws became effective from 1 July 2009 and affect employers
regardless of the number of employees they employ.

In the event of claims being made against them a company will have to have implemented and be managing workplace
contracts and protocols in compliance with the legislation if they are to defend against the application by an employee.

Solutions For The Workplace Pty Ltd has developed an “Employment Manual” which reflects the collective experience
gained in the defence of employers during many years in matters such as unfair dismissals, discrimination applications,
unfair contracts etc.

Solutions For The Workplace has constructed templates so that key information can be inserted and then printed onto
your company's letterhead.

Access to the Employment Manual is available through this website and the cost of that access
is $495.00 (plus GST).

An update service is supplied for an additional $100.00 (plus GST) per annum after the initial
12 months following the purchase of the Employment Manual.

The access to the Employment Manual is password protected and the password is at the
discretion of the company and payment for access can be made online using a credit card.

Click here to purchase access to the Solutions For The Workplace Employment Manual.



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